Point Of sale Systems For Take Aways and Fast Food

Point of Sale Hardware and Software for Take Away, Bakery and Fast Food Business 

Take Aways and Fast Food shops require the printing of duplicate point of sale receipts or the use of a remote order printer for walk in or over the counter clients. When the customer places and pays for his order at the point of sale he is given a receipt with a unique order or receipt number. A duplicate receipt is then generated and printed either on the receipt and given to the kitchen or preparation area or printed via a remote printer in the preparation area. When the preparation of the food is complete the unique receipt or order number is called vocally out for the customer to collect his order. It has also now become necessary for Point Of Sale software to provide a Delivery function for Take Aways and Fast Food businesses as home and business deliveries become more prevalent. 

Hardware Requirements 

All In One Touch Terminals
Receipt Printers
Remote Printers for preparation stations  if required
Customer Display (Optional) 

Software Requirements 

Barcode Scanning
Duplicate Receipt Printing
Cashier and Manager security module
Daily cash up for cashiers and general turnover
Pay Out Function
Refund and Void Function
Inventory management with stock re-ordering module
Sales and inventory reporting (Periodic and Daily)
Inventory management reporting and recipe costing
Delivery management function for home and business deliveries  

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