Point of Sale Systems for a Clothing Stores

Point of Sale Systems for a Clothing Stores 

Our experience has been that most clothing products imported into South Africa are not barcoded.To implement barcode scanning efficiently a barcode label printer is required. The label printed by the barcode label printer should have a description of the item or product, the sales price of the product and the barcode so that it can be scanned at the point of sale. Clothing retailers also normally require lay buy functionality from the point of sale software. A lay buy is where a customer pays a deposit for a product or service and then pays the balance of the outstanding amount over a period of time. When the product has been paid in full the client is then provided with the product or service. Clothing stores also require a refund functionality from the point of sale software. A refund returns the product back into stock and refunds the amount paid back to the customer.

Hardware Requirement 

Non Touch Point Of Sale
Barcode Label Printer
Customer Pole Display

Software Requirements

Barcode Scanning
Barcode generation and printing for products without barcodes and printing of shelf edge labels.
Cashier and Manager Security module
Daily cash up for cashiers and general turnover
Lay Buy Function
Pay Out Function
Price Change Function
Discount Function
Refund and Void Function
Inventory management with stock re-ordering module
Sales and inventory reporting (Periodic and Daily)

Suggested System Quick Pos Point Of Sale