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Label Printers



The 3 most common types of Barcode Label printers are:


  • Direct Thermal
  • Thermal transfer
  • Combination printers that uses both types of technologies.


Direct Thermal printers use a thermal head to transfer the barcode image and other data such as description and selling price onto a thermal label. Using heat produced from the thermal head. This type of printer is commonly used in retail for price labels and shelf edge labels.


Thermal transfer printers use a wax ribbon to transfer the image onto the label. Different types of ribbon and label can be used for industry and specificables.


Advantages of Thermal Direct:

  1. Low printing costs (printer and labels are inexpensive)
  2. Ease of use 

Disadvantages of Thermal Direct:

  1. Labels can only be used for indoor environments and deteriorate rapidly with exposure to light, heat and moisture. 


Advantage of Thermal Transfer:

Different Ribbon and label can be used to produce labels that be used in any environment.


Disadvantage of Thermal Transfer:

More expensive to print than Thermal Direct labels, necessitates the use of a Thermal ribbon.



Types of Printer we recommend


Thermal Direct –,IC3120 ,Bixolon SRP770 


Thermal Transfer –Argox 0s214 


Combination Printer – Argox 0S214 







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