A-track is a free Asset tracking application that is bundled with the IC-PDT data terminal.
In A-track every Asset is allocated a unique barcode number which is used to identify the asset as well as a description and cost price.Every Asset needs to be labeled with a barcode. The Assets can be allocated to locations as well as the Departments.These Locations and Departments should be setup on A-Track before the capture of the initial Asset.Once all the Assets have been captured on A-track they are then downloaded to the IC-PDT6 portable data terminal.The IC-PDT6 is used to verify the Asset count and count location,Once the count has been completed the ICPDT6 portable data terminal is used to update the information in A-Track which will show the existence of the Asset as well as its current location.

With the addition of a label printer Asset labels can be printed from A-track.Please contact us for information and pricing.

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